One Pita Pocket

Two Pita Pockets

Rice or Salad Bowl


Shawarma Beef

Shawarma Chicken

Cilantro Chicken

Beef Shawarma: Thinly sliced premium beef steak marinated with our delicious secret spice mix, grilled to perfection with bell peppers and topped with tahini sauce, fresh tomatoes, onions and parsley!


Chicken Shawarma: Thinly sliced chicken meat marinated with our secret spice mix, grilled with bell pepper and topped without non-dairy mouth watering garlic sauce, fresh onions and tomatoes!

Cilantro Chicken: Thinly sliced chicken meat grilled to perfection, topped with our garlicky cilantro sauce and fresh tomatoes

Mesaa'a-eggplant (V)

Falafels (V)

Fool - Fava Beans (V)

Mesaa’a: Eggplant mixed with our organic, made from scratch mouth watering tomato sauce. We always heard from our customers that the pictures don’t do it justice, literally mouth watering and the best part is that it’s vegan.

Falafels (V): A mix of garbanzo beans and fava beans fried to perfection and topped with tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles, parsley and our house made organic tahini sauce. This could be the best falafel you have ever had!

Fool: Fava beans cooked and mashed to perfection with our original Egyptian spices, topped with organic tahini sauce, fresh tomatoes, onions and pickles. It’s an Egyptian staple! 

Step 3: Sides & Ad-ons!

Baba Ghanouj (V)

Cilantro Hummus (V)

Garlic Sauce (V)

Tahini Sauce (V)

Pita Bread (V)

Baba Ghanouj: Roasted eggplant, mixed with our secret spice blend, tahini and California grown garlic!
Cilantro Hummus: Garbanzo beans that we cook in our kitchen, mashed to a perfect creamy consistency, mixed with our secret spice mix, tahini and a hint of cilantro!
Garlic Sauce: Our garlic sauce is one of our unique inventions. It’s nondairy, vegan and made with the best ingredients our earth has produced, avocado oil and California grown garlic. It makes everything better!
Tahini Sauce: Creamy, flavorful, and is also just so good that’s a staple sauce in many Middle Eastern cuisines
Pita Pockets: Made by a local pita factory here in San Diego, using 5 ingredients only. Trust us when we say that it tastes exactly like the pita bread we had in Egypt!

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